I provide individual therapy to adults. I work with clients on many issues, and have particular interests in the following areas:



Anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways and can disrupt many areas of life including sleeping, working, eating, and socializing. Anxiety symptoms can include generalized anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, obsessions and/or compulsions.


 While we all feel sad at times, sometimes sadness feels overwhelming and constant, and is accompanied by other symptoms or disruptions in daily functioning. Depression may be short-term or long-standing, and may be the result of recent or profound loss.

Trauma & Healing from Traumatic Experiences

This includes the many ways people have been impacted by overwhelming experiences. Therapy may explore how you dealt with trauma(s) in the past and/or your patterned ways of managing stress to help understand current difficulties in your life.

Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Issues

You may wish to explore identity issues, relationship concerns, and/or family conflict. As well, while there is now legalized same-sex marriage across the country, issues of homophobia, heterosexism, and sexual prejudice can still impact individuals and relationships, and it may be helpful to explore these factors.


Integrating one’s military experience with civilian life can pose challenges. I have worked with veterans who have been involved in war and combat as well as veterans with non-combat related military issues

Relational Concerns & Conflict

If you are experiencing difficulties in a particular relationship, it can be helpful  to explore relationship dynamics, patterns of relating to others, and conflict resolution strategies.

Stress Management

We all have particular ways of coping with stress and it may be helpful to explore specific stressors in your life and your responses to them

Life Transitions

Moving through life transitions, life stages, and/or important changes can be at once thrilling, scary, and overwhelming and it may be useful to explore reactions, expectations, and strategies

I am currently offering both in-person therapy and teletherapy, using a HIPAA-compliant video service. My practice is full at this time and I am not accepting new clients.


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