About My Practice

My work with clients strives to address the needs and wishes of an individual, group, or family to create lasting, meaningful change. While I am trained in many modalities, I am particularly comfortable integrating trauma theories with psychodynamic theory. My overall philosophy of care focuses on helping people to achieve more satisfying lives by fostering an awareness of both the complexity of one’s self as well as its available resources. This understanding can lead to curiosity about the times in life when one may think, feel, or behave in contradictory, confusing, or self-defeating ways and ultimately to an increased understanding of what drives one to feel and behave in particular ways.

I am trained in numerous other methods of psychotherapy, including EMDR (eye movement  desensitization and reprocessing), sensorimotor psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and evidenced-based techniques and use these when specific clients and situations are best suited for them. I also interested in, and incorporate aspects of, Internal Family Systems (IFS) in my work.

Sandy Dixon, Psy.D.

Contact Me

Please contact me either by phone at (781) 316.1809 or email at